B-Quik Racing is a leading professional motor racing team based in Bangkok, Thailand. We enter cars in championships in Thailand and across Asia as well as providing a comprehensive platform of support for customers.

This year we put our main focus on Thailand Super Series where we are running eight cars across four categories while we also have three cars entered in the Malaysia-based Asia Classic Car Challenge. We are also undertaking one-off prestigious international endurance events.

B-Quik Racing started in competition in 2009, born through the desire of staff from B-Quik Co. Ltd., Thailand’s leading aftermarket automotive service group, to really prove their skills and training in the most demanding and competitive of arenas – on the racetrack. A success story was quickly born.

Initially, the team entered a bespoke Porsche 944 in Super Club Euro Retro (2009-2010). Impressive results demanded that the team go straight to the top of the Thai motorsport pyramid and for the 2011 season the 944 was upgraded, fitted with a race prepared 3.0 S2 supercharged engine and entered in Super Car Thailand’s new ‘Super Retro’ category. That decision would pit B-Quik Racing against the best cars competing in Thailand, including factory entries. It was a huge challenge, but one the team believed it was ready to take.

The results were nothing short of sensational and in 2012 Henk guided the 944 to the Super Retro championship title while stunning the Thai motorsport world by also coming second runner up in the overall championship. That amazing performance saw the team rightly taking its place as one of the top professional teams in Thailand.

For 2012 the team acquired a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup and graduated to the top class in Super Car Thailand. Again, the results were very impressive as Henk led the championship for most of the year and in the end finished an excellent third in the championship. The Dutchman campaigned the 997 for one more season before switching to an Audi R8 LMS Cup for 2014-2015, with the Porsche being used by several customer drivers during the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

For 2017 Thailand Super Series launched a new top class “Super Car GTM Plus” and we joined with a brace of Audi R8 LMS Cup cars, with a third example in selected races. It turned into a superb year as we won the Teams’ Championship, the most prestigious title in Thailand.

This year we have upgraded to two FIA GT3 cars for our campaign in Super Car GTM Plus, a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup and an Audi R8 Ultra GT3 as well as running multiple customer Porsches in Super Car GTM and GTC.

B-Quik Racing also runs exciting new programme, dubbed ‘Search for a Star’, which aims to discover potential future racing drivers from within the staff of B-Quik Co. Ltd., narrowing the hopefuls down, annually, to a handful of winners and then developing them onto a path to reach the top of Thai motorsport.

At the same time B-Quik also starting to enter the biggest international endurance events reserved for sportscars. In 2014 we competed in the MMER Sepang 12 Hours with Henk and Daniel being joined by Swiss driver Dario Garcia in the Audi R8 LMS Cup. Our first race outside Thailand, our first time making pitstops, refueling and maintaining a racecar over 12 hours, it was a tough race, but one that eventually rewarded our perseverance with a podium finish.

After leading more than half the race and fighting back from multiple technical issues we claimed the runners up spot in the GTC class and that impressive result gave the team a strong foundation to go forward in international competitions. Last year we returned to the race and again finished on the podium. The in 2016 we won! A superb result that was the result of hard work and determination for the whole team, everyone gave 110% to achieve this amazing success.

And while B-Quik Racing has been transformed into a slick, professional outfit we haven’t forgotten how to have fun. This year we are running three cars in the Asia Classic Car Challenge for a fourth year, this arm of the team operating from a satellite base in Malaysia.

The team has journeyed a long way in just nine and that continued growth and success has been thanks to the sky high professional standards that B-Quik Co. Ltd. has given to us as a platform to build a leading Thai race team on.